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Income level:

from 800 000 sums

Work type:

Full time work (6 days)

Work place:

At the office

Official duties:

Writing unique and high-quality articles for our site, adding information to websites, search optimization and website promotion.

Requirements for a candidate


Under 35 years old


Female (desirable)

Languages knowledge:

Russian (desirable).


Special Secondary or higher. Good knowledge of Russian language (stylistics, punctuation, etc.).

Personal car:

doesn't matter

Qualification requirements:


  • Experience in the field of copywriting at least for a year. 
  • Knowing Dropal and Wordpress. 
  • Ability to write beautifully and clearly.


                                                                               In our work we rely on 3 basic values:

                                              1. Desire for high quality and self-improvement.

2. Respect for people and society

3. No bad habits that can disturb working.


We ask applicants to send CV with information about themselves to our email: server-service [at] mail [dot] ru or fill out "online" CV on our website.