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Water heater installing

Such benefits of civilization as electricity, heating, cold and hot water supply have strongly become part of our life and have become familiar phenomenon providing comfortable living for a modern person. Most of newly built buildings are already equipped with all necessary communications during construction phase, and the user does not have to worry about hot and cold water flowing in the tap. However, owners of cottages, private houses and other low-rise residential buildings that are not connected to central engineering networks, have to solve this problem on their own.

If more recently hot water supply of the house required significant investments and time consuming, now the industry offers a number of affordable and efficient solutions that allow providing a residential object with hot water at minimal cost. The most common and affordable option is the installation of a water heater, carried out by our company SERVER SERVICE at any stage of facility construction in the shortest possible time. Our specialists will calculate the need for hot water, on the basis of which the most economical, affordable and reliable model of the water heater will be offered, its installation will be carried out.

Installation of water heater is carried out taking into account optimization of costs for the length of pipe distribution, minimization of heat losses and provision of all required points of consumption with hot water.

Flowing water heaters

Models of this type are compact in size and light in weight. Installation of such a water heater is quite simple, it is located in the immediate vicinity of hot water consumption point and, as a rule, is preferred with a small planned hot water consumption. The most common are models operating on electric current, there are also models of natural gas.

Installation of water heater powered by electricity is fairly simple, and does not require special coordination and authorization. It is connected through protective automatics by separate piece of electric cable, it must be grounded.

Storage water heaters

Water heaters of this type are manufactured by floor, built-in and wall-mounted types. Mounting of storage tank water heater is carried out in accordance with attached scheme and taking into account its weight when fully filled with water. Capital constructions are suitable for fixing, hanging is carried out with the help of special anchor bolts and brackets.

For cold water supply, a capital pipeline of polypropylene, metal-plastic or metal pipes are installed. At entrance and exit, device is cut off by shut-off valve for maintenance, equipped with filters of coarse and fine cleaning.

To prevent emergencies arising from overpressure or as a result of boiling, the installation of a water heater is accompanied by installation of a drain valve. The distribution of hot water pipes is carried out taking into account the uniform distribution of water to all consumers, their thermal insulation is obligatory, otherwise heat loss will lead to an increase in device load, a decrease in its efficiency and durability.