Server Service Company actively cooperates with companies of different categories. This time we have installed HVAC systems in the building of President’s Public reception office in Bukhara.

Public reception office is designed for connection between residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan and President.

Every day it is visited by one hundred people so that to get answers for all questions and solve important problems.

Large buildings equipped with spacious lounges and the most modern video equipment are almost in all buildings of the Republic. Specialists of our company installed air conditioning systems of SHIVAKI brand in Bukhara.

In buildings where there are many people, it is very important to create a high quality air exchange.

First of all, it is important to design system, make hydraulic and aerodynamic calculations, select a convenient equipment, and of course to install it.

Our company has been engaged in this activity more than 10 years. In the course of our activity a large number of state, commercial and industrial facilities have been put into commission. Public reception office in Bukhara is one of them.

Highly qualified specialists designed conditioning and ventilating systems, installed chillers and control boards in a short time. So, we carried out such services as:

  • project development;
  • pipeline laying;
  • installation of chillers and fancoils SHIVAKI;
  • chillers connection;
  • test of system in different conditions.

Public reception office in Bukhara is ready to meet guests! Large and beatiful building will be put into commission very soon.

Visitors will be able to send inquiry to various organizations, leave applications for resolving of such issues as improvement, education, employment, also to get answers for other questions.

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