Refrigerated tables are divided into refrigerating and freezing. The first ones provide storage of cooled products at the temperature from  – 2 to + 10 °С. The second ones maintain temperature from -10 to – 20 °С.

Refrigerating tables are actively used in catering and trade establishments. There can be stored both frozen products and ready meals. Sometimes such equipment as more convenient than refrigerating cabinets and cooling chests, as they are more efficient.

They are used not only for storage but also for meals cooking. Wide counter top Ремонт охлаждаемых столов в Ташкентеfrom stainless steel is designed for convenience of fine cuisines preparation.

Repair of refrigerated tables requires a responsible approach, which must be implemented by professionals. But where to find them? In Server Service Company!

Our masters will carry out diagnostic, repair and maintenance of commercial refrigeration equipment.

We work with refrigerated tables from such manufacturers as:

  • Unifrigor, Fagor, Polair и Desmon;
  • Coven, Rada, Oscar Zarzosa и Enofrigo;
  • Elcold, Winterhalter, Roller Grill и Convotherm;
  • Robot Coupe, UNOX, Fimar, Kuchenbach и Project System;
  • Olis, Zanussi, Electrolux, Rational, Kovinastroj и Kogast;
  • Scotsman, Omas, Smeg, Beckers и Fama, Sirman;
  • Gierre, MKN, MTH, Garbin, DIHR и Brema;
  • Bourgeois, Abat, Angelo Po, Ambach и Technoinox;
  • Emmeri, Mareno, Kromo, Sigma, Giga.

We provide warranty certificate, which gives you a right for free diagnostic and repeated repair.

We work all over Uzbekistan: Samarkand, Bukhara, Djizzak, Andijan, Namangan and other regions of our city.

What should you do if your refrigeration equipment is broken? Call us!

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