Автомобильная холодильная установка

Condensers like any specialized equipment require timely maintenance and repair.

Server Service Company is glad to provide you such services. In the course of our activity we have gained a great experience in the use of modern methods of technilogies and malfunctions elimination.

Specialists of our company regularly attend advanced training course.

Condensers can serve you for a long time provided regular diagnostic. That’s why it is very important to carry out regular maintenance.

Lack of maintenance leads to condenser failure.

In 80% of cases, compressor is one of the most frequent broken details (because ofАвтомобильный рефрижератор seal failure of refrigerant system and failure of condensing and evaporating units).

Our specialists are very scrupulous about repair that extends the service life of the device several times. Great experience and theoretical knowledge are guarantee of high quality services.

We carry out maintenance, diagnostic, setting of cooling devices in accordance with the established deadlines. Quickly and qualitatively!

Server Service Company is a reliability and quality. The other advantage of cooperartion with our company is price of services. It is a quite affordable. We work all over Uzbekistan.

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