Кондиционер Galanz - расположение плазменного фильтра и дезодоратораIf your split-system is broken, don’t try to repair it independently. Of course, you can clean filters and drain pipe and in some cases it is enough. Only high qualified specialist can determine the cause of malfunction and eliminate it.

You will ask “Why excactly in Uzbekistan?”. This is because in the climate of our country, large quantity of dust formation (dust clogs the radiator of outdoor unit off split system, preventing the necessary heat exchange).

High outdoor temperature is also one of the common causes of air conditioner’s malfunction in our country. Outdoor unit of split system is heated up to 60-70°С in turned-off condition. During the air conditioner operation for cooling, the temperature of outdoor unit is increased that leads to its mulfunction.

Specialists of Server Service Company have a great experience in the field of air conditioners repair. We will carry out the diagnostics of your split-system and determine all malfunctions. We provide the guarantee for air conditioners repair in Tsshkent and Tashkent region.

Server Service is the best choice of split air conditioning systems in Uzbekistan!