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Air conditioners was invented more than 100 years ago, in 1902. It was too hot in one of the largest printing-office in Bruklin (New-York, USA) and printing equipment of that time was heated very much. In order to improve a working environment for the workers, the director of printing office ordered the development of a cooling system, which was later called “air conditioner”. Later, similar systems began to be used in factories processing cotton and smelteries.

Initially, air conditioners had big size and were low-efficiency.  There was used refrigerant whih in case of malfunction was very poisonous for people. In our days, the cheapest model of air conditioner is a complex and modern device which is completely safe for people and pets. It perorms several functions simulteneously:

– dehumidification of air in the premise

– temperature control (cooling and heating)

– Removal of dust and harmful microorganisms from air

– Air flows carrying (fan mode)

These functions have all modern air conditioners (with the exception of air heating function, some models don’t have this function). Some modern models of air conditioners can determine the position of a person in a room and direct the cool air in his direction.

Almost all modern models have the mode “sleep” which provides a comfortable sleep. Such condition not only provides low noise level during the operation but also reduces the blowing power up to minimum.

All modrn air conditioners can also maintain the set temperature. When reaching the necessary temperature, the air conditioner changes to energy aving mode. Compressor (main energy consumption in air conditioner) is turned off in this mode. The chilled air is spreaded throughout the room with the help of fan.

The most modern and advanced air conditioners are equipped with invertor drive of compressor, which allows the compressor to increase or reduce the efficiency depending on conditions in the premise. It allows to reduce the electric energy consumption and increase its efficiency.

As it is known, the more functions the equipment performs, the more often it is broken.

Modern air conditioner is a reliable device based on transference principle of heat energy.

The most common causes of air conditioner malfucntions:

  • Incorrect installation (there are many rules that must be observed)
  • Incorrect operation (during the air conditioner operation in winter)
  • Voltage drop
  • Untimely maintenance service (dirt and dust clogs the radiator of external unit that leads to air conditioner malfunction)
  • Deterioration of mechanical parts of air conditioner (compressor and other mechanical parts of air conditioner)
  • Manufacturing defect
  • Low quality equipment assembly

Specialists of Server Service Company will quickly and in a high quality eleiminate any malfunction of your air conditioner. Our masters have a great experience in the field of repair and maintenance of air conditioner in Uzbekistan. We offer:

– Replacement of air conditioner compressor

– Replacement of four way valve

– Refilling of air condiitoner with Freon (with preelimination of leak cause)

– Replacement and repair of air conditioner control board

– Repair of the broken condenser

– Fans replacement of indoor and outdoor units

– Other services

Server Service is a qualitative service center of air conditioners maintenance of any manufacturer and design. We carry out the repair of air conditioners in Tashkent and Tashkent region. If yoy need a rush repair of your air condiitoner, just call us!

For more information, please refer to the section Contacts

Our specialists will come at any time convenient for you. Specialist’s visst and diagnostics are free services (providing the repair is implemented by our specialists).

After the repair our master will give the warranty certificate from our company. We bear all guarantee obligations. It is worth noting that we also take the oayment by bank transfer.

If your air conditioner is broken, just call us!


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