Ремонт колонных кондиционеровColumn air conditioners are one of the most convenient modifications of the air conditioner. This air conditioner can serve as an indoor unit for a multi-split system. They are the best option in case when it is necessary to provide air conditioning for premises, without violating its architecture. I.e., the column air conditioners are simply irreplacable solution for museums, architectural monuments and other buildings where it is impossible to make layout changes.

Breakages of column conditioners

Causes of air conditioners breakdowns are often the same as any other modification air conditioners, which are:

  • Incorrect operation
  • No technical maintenance
  • Low-quality technical maintenance
  • Voltage steps

As you can see from written above – all these reasons for breakdowns are quite typical for any air conditioner. However, what to do if there was a breakdown of the column air conditioner? Due to their constructive and technical features, the column air conditioners require a very special approach to repair issues. The intervention of an unskilled craftsman or self-repair attempts (which are surprisingly often undertaken by many users) can not only be fruitless, but also lead to the emergence of a whole collection of new failures. It is also worth remembering that this type of air conditioners is classified as semi-industrial. Therefore, these conditioners are quite complex in their device.

For qualitative colon air conditioner repair, you should apply only to a specialist who has the appropriate qualifications. But how do you know how experienced a particular specialist is? After all, words and even diplomas give no guarantee for master’s qualification. The solution is to contact the service center for repair of column and other air conditioners. However, such centers today often provide only verbal guarantees on the quality of performed work.

Server Service guarantees you quality not only in spoken form, but also in written! Every client who applies to us receives:

  • Operative services. Departure of a specialist is carried out directly on application day;
  • Free breakage diagnostics (in repair case);
  • Quality repair
  • Clear and complete instructions for further operation of your air conditioner;
  • Guarantee of adequate prices for all rendered services and spare parts, which are subject to replacement during repair;
  • Warranty certificate, stamped by the company.

Air conditioners repair in Tashkent and Tashkent region – Server Serice, we are the best!