Repair of supply ventilation

Input ventilation is used for the supply of fresh air into the room. The supplied air is heated and cleaned from dust. Air handling unit is characterized by the supply of fresh air and elimination of exhaust air through air ducts.

The main advantage of such system is a deep cleaning of supply air, as well as temperature and level of humidification control.

Repair of ventilation system must be implemented only by professional specialists, as the replacement of ventilation units and simple cleaning of ventilation devices require special knowledge and skills.

Incorrect connection of ventilation units leads to different malfunctions and functional loss of other ventilation devices, as well as unpleasant noise in air ducts and unpleasant odor on the whole ventilation system.

Types of services in the field of maintenance and repair of air conditioners
  • Check and cleaning of heat exchanger of indoor and outdoor units;
  • Check and cleaning of filters, evaporator, condenser;
  • Check and cleaning of drain system;
  • Measurement of working pressure in the system;
  • Diagnostics of Freon leakage;
  • Refilling of air conditioner;
  • Transition of air conditioner to the winter condition of operation;
  • Check of filtering elements status;
  • Diagnostics of air intake and air distribution grids;
  • Check of balancing of working fan impeller;
  • Diagnostics of fan’s motors bearings;
  • Check of reliability of electric connections;
  • Check of automatics system, if it is neccesary – to carry out its regulation;
  • Check of fireproof valves status;
  • Control of pressure drop and air temperature.
  • Transition of air conditioner condition;
  • Repair works of any complexity

If your ventilation system is broken, just call us an you will get all necessary information of your equipment malfunction. We also carry out the diagnostics of ventilation system, eliminate malfunctions and replace all broken parts.

We will eliminate any malfunction of your air handling unit and carry out the corrective and capital repair of any ventilation systems.

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