Repair of VRV (VRF) air conditioning systems. During usage of climate equipment, there is a natural runout – an inevitable phenomenon that leads to both minor and serious damage. Multizone VRV and VRF systems at the moment are the most reasonable and rational solution when choosing an air conditioning system of industrial importance: large office buildings, centers, etc.

If such equipment as a multi-zone VRV and VRF system breaks down, you should contact a serious company where specially trained employees work. The specialists of our company “Server Service” know their business and perform repair of air conditioning systems quickly, efficiently and with a guarantee.

Our company offers repair and maintenance services of multi-zone air conditioning systems of the following type:

  • Repair of multi-zone VRF systems (Variable Refrigerant Volume – “Variable Refrigerant Volume”)
  • Repair of multi-zone VRV systems (Variable Refrigerant Flow – “Variable Refrigerant Flow”)


VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) system is Daikin trademark patented in 1982, with  ability to adjust the power for each individual indoor unit. This name has the right to apply only to Daikin.

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system is a common name for systems with the ability to adjust the power for each individual indoor unit used by all other manufacturers.


Also, in order to avoid major breakdowns of multi-zone VRV and VRF systems, our company recommends conclusion of a contract for monthly maintenance, terms of maintenance and scope of maintenance work.

Also you can view error codes of VRF-systems, which can help you to repair your air conditioner, by following this link.