Ремонт водонагревателейRepair of water heaters. Water heaters make our life more comfortable. That’s why many of us try to install water heating units in apartment or country house.

If you are the owner of water heater, don’t forget about timely maintenance. Regular diagnostic allows to determine all malfunctions and eliminate them.

What should you do if your water heater is broken? Don’t waste your time! Call Server Service Company!

We repair electric and gas water heaters of tank and tankless types. When sending an application, please specify the following data:

  • model of water heater;
  • malfunction mode (water is not heated, water leakage etc.).

For your information! The full model name and serial number are indicated in the warranty card, service certificate or service label. The service label is located on the back or bottom of the water heater.

Masters of Server Service Company are engaged in the repair of water heaters and other heating equipment for many years. They can quickly eliminate any malfucntion and restore the serviceability of the equipment. Call us!