Sooner or later, each owner of the air conditioner is faced with the need to repair this high-tech unit. Often, breakdowns are due not to the negligence of manufacturers, but to improper operation. It contributes parts wear and mechanisms of the air conditioner. Well, if the breakdown is shallow and easily removable, what if such an important part as a compressor breaks down?

Reasons of conditioner’s compressors breakage

Overheating, resulting from improper installation or clogging of systems and mechanisms. Also, the failure and failure of the air conditioner results in improper operation of the air conditioner.

The need to replace the compressor can be determined even before its final failure. The oil will tell about compressor’s condition of your air conditioner.

The darkened oil with burning smell will indicate frequent overheating of the compressor;

Oil with a greenish shade will tell you about the presence of copper salts in it. Also, this oil has an increased acidity;

Important: a hermetic type of compressors, most often used in the manufacture of air conditioners is not subject for repairing.

Often, compressor’s repair is extremely unprofitable. Instead, it is better to replace it. Replacing the compressor will ensure a longer period of trouble-free operation of the air conditioner, rather than trying to repair it. Take into account that an independent attempt to change the compressor in your air conditioner can lead to extremely negative results. Usually, such attempts to save on master call lead to the fact that the self-taught installer … goes to the store for a new air-conditioner.

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To replace the air conditioning compressor, as well as to the compressor itself, a coupon is issued guaranteeing the quality of the parts and maintenance.

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