The engineers of Saarland University are completing work on  unique invention. The operation of air conditioner of the future is based on nitinol to “remember” its original form and restore it after deformation.

In April 2020, scientists from  German will present at the exhibition an unusual device designed to become a worthy competitoro to the well-known air condiitoner. It is based on an alloy of nickel and titanium (nitinol), the main feature of which is the ability to return to shape when heat is released.

Due to its unusual properties, nitinol was named as metal muscle and smart alloy. Today is actively used in aircraft and space engineering, robotics and medicine.

The revolutionary research of scientists from Saarland University will allow to actively use nickel alloy and titanium in industry and everyday life, because the resulting industry is environmentally friendly and safe for both humans and environment.

The air conditioner of ease of use. It consists of cylinder on which a nitinyl thread is wound. The engeneers experementally managed to choose a certain thickness and number of turns, thus achieving maximum efficiency of its operation.

When stretched, nitinol absorbs a large amount of ambient hea, and when it returns to its original form, it releases thermal energy.

The temperature difference is about 20 °С. It is noteworthy that the cylinder absorbs and releases energy, the amount of which 30 times more of the volume reuired for deformation of nitinol thread. Thus, the device is 3 times more efficient than a conventional air conditioner and 2 times more efifcient than any heat pump.

It is important than the operation of new air conditioner doesn’t require gaseous refrigerants, which cause great harm to the environment.

Eco-friendly air conditioner will be presented at the industrial fair, which will be held from April 1 to 5 in Hanover.