One of the most important conditions that ventilation for “clean rooms” must comply with is complete tightness.

Currently, three new infectious hospitals are under construction in the city. Server Service Company is actively involved!

We were entrusted with such responsible task as the design and installation of ventilation systems in one of the infectious hospitals in Tashkent.

Our duct manufacturing plant is fitted out with modern equipment that allow us to produce air ducts with integrated flange.

In addition, we already have experience in working with “clean rooms”. We served such buildings as BIONUR MEDSERVICE in Samarkand, pharmaceutical plant in Andijan, clinics Shoxmed and Medline in Tashkent.

As known, high reliability of ventilation systems in “clean rooms” is one of the key factors.

Our air ducts with integrated flange, are characterized by 100% airtightness, high rigidity of connections and geometrically regular shape. They withstand high pressure and are resistant to corrosion. It means that the ventilation system istalled by us will fully comply with all generally accepted requirements for medical facilities.

Our ducts manufacturing plant is fitted out with fully automated production line that allows us to produce large volumes of high quality products daily. It allows us to guarantee facility commissioning on time.