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Server Service Company offers a full range of services in the field of industrial air conditioning systems. The most popular service of the company is development of the air conditioning system project and installation of chillers in Uzbekistan.

In our company you can order any services related to air conditioning of industrial facilities:

Designing of air conditioning systems for buildings and structures

Our competent engineers will develop for you a solution for air conditioning system, taking into account the individual features of your facility, its purpose and your equipment preferences.

Today, a lot of solutions of air conditioning systems differ in the principle of operation, efficiency, power consumption, durability and, of course, at a cost.

Consultation of our experts - the service is free and if you do not know what kind of air conditioning system is right for you, they will definitely help.

Supply of industrial climatic equipment

We cooperate with several of the largest manufacturers in China and supply industrial air conditioning systems to Uzbekistan. We offer only high-quality equipment in which we are sure. Many companies use the equipment of our partners for several reasons:

  • High assembly quality
  • Quality components
  • Affordable price
  • The equipment is made to order, with necessary technical specifications
  • Possibility of installing ultrathin cleaning filters for "clean rooms", which are used in the operating, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Installation of chillers and fan coil units

Everyone knows that installation quality depends on industrial equipment quality. Therefore, do not trust installation of expensive equipment to people who do not have experience. Use specialists services!

Server Service experts have extensive experience in field of industrial climatic equipment and will install chillers, VRF systems and channel air conditioners at the highest level.

Our specialists were trained in China, they were trained by the specialists of TICA - the largest manufacturer of industrial air conditioning systems in China. If you need to  order the development of an air-conditioning system project or equipment in our company, you will receive a discount on installation work!

In this case, our company gives a guarantee both for the equipment itself and for all types of performed work.

Since the equipment is supplied on order, delivery time takes an average of 30 to 90 days. To shorten the project execution time, our specialists will start installation works before the equipment arrives - we will prepare all necessary engineering communications (pipeline, necessary valve mechanisms, electrical wiring and much more), and when the equipment is in place, it will only be necessary to connect and adjust it.

Service and repair

Service and maintenance of chillers are also included in the scope of our company. We have competent specialists who have everything necessary for high-quality and fast maintenance of the chillers.

Our company has many years of experience and many regular customers. Turning to us once, people become our regular customers, they recommend us to all their friends! If you need a high-quality repair or chiller installation in Uzbekistan - we will help you.



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