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Basic wiring faults

Electrical wiring executed in accordance with REI, proper operation, reliably works for decades. The damages are caused, as a rule, by mechanical influences, current overloading with defective protection or by the inclusion of faulty electrical appliances. Types of damage in principle are reduced to two: closure or breakage, but the specific causes and consequences of damage set. The main causes of faults are: damage to insulation of current-carrying veins and instrument elements, their unreliable attachment and connection to each other or to earthed heating pipes, water supply gases, and housings of grounded devices.

Breaks in wiring harness are due to the breaks of the cores (especially the aluminum ones) as a result of their frequent bends, due to the corrosion of the cores, the weakening of contact clamps. Overloading the conductors with current from switching on appliances that consume more power than the rated wiring may cause it to catch fire. Therefore, serviceability of protective devices is the most important condition for  safe operation of electrical wiring. And consequently, the use of self-made "bugs" in fuses is unacceptable.

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