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Cascade boilers and cascade boiler houses

Household double-circuit boilers allow unhindered regulation of their performance in wide aisles (capacity can be set on average from 40% to 100% of nominal value for selected boiler). But what if your heating needs differ more than twice? For example, you live in a large own house with several guest rooms, and in spring, when 40% of boiler capacity is enough to heat the entire house, you do not need to heat the empty rooms. Or do you use one boiler to heat the house and a nearby greenhouse that you do not use regularly?

Каскадные котлы в Ташкенте

Of course, you can use a conventional domestic boiler and in these cases - if heat consumption is reduced below 40% of rated output, boiler will simply start working in intermittent mode (it will heat water in heating system until temperature in the room exceeds that set at 1°C, after which it will turn off and then turn on again when temperature drops to 2-3°C). This method is extremely economical - gas consumption at constant boiler start-ups and cut-offs increases at several times, and life of boiler is reduced.

To solve this problem, install a cascade of 2-4 low power boilers - their total power is enough to heat the house even in severe frosts, but with a decrease in power consumption, instead of switching the boilers to intermittent operation, some boilers are switched off with a simultaneous decrease in power of remaining Boilers. When using a cascade consisting of 2 boilers, minimum capacity of such a mini-boiler house can be 20% of nominal value, and when using 4 boilers it is already 10% of nominal value.

Cascades of boilers are used not only in private houses - by combining 16 or more domestic heating boilers into one cascade, it is possible to obtain a fully functional boiler house for an enterprise, public building or residential complex. Main advantages of such a boiler house are economy, simplicity of scaling (to increase the capacity of the boiler house, it is enough to add additional boilers to cascade), reliability (more than half of boilers go out of operation - the boiler will function, albeit with loss of power) and convenience of maintenance and repair. There is no need to shut down the entire boiler room to replace or repair one boiler).

Cascade boilers are simple domestic boilers; main difference lies in automation system. The controller of each cascade boiler allows not only to independently control the operating modes of the boiler, but also to execute the commands of central controller monitoring coordinated operation of the entire cascade. The central controller of cascade determines which of the boilers should be running at full power, which is minimum and which should be turned off at the moment.

Most often cascade boiler houses use condensing boilers - thanks to an economical design (the efficiency of the condensing boiler reaches 98%, which saves up to 30% of the fuel), they make it possible to bring the economy of cascade boiler houses to a new level.

In addition to the central controller and boilers themselves, a central pump enters cascade supplying water to entire boilers cascade and hydraulic separators that are installed in front of each boiler in a cascade and prevent water from entering under excess pressure into the boiler (which would not only result in boiler, but also into inevitable leaks).

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