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Catalog of products supplied by our company


VRF и VRV системы в Ташкенте
Промышленные увлажнители воздуха
Системы автоматизации работы кондиционирования, вентиляции и холодильного оборудования

Server Service Company offers services for supply of industrial equipment from China and European countries.
Our company will help you to find necessary equipment in China and will deliver it to Tashkent.

We have been working for more than a year supplying equipment from China and we have many partners there with whom we cooperate and which products we are sure for.

We guarantee the quality of the equipment supplied by our specialists, but only on condition that the installation of equipment and its servicing will be carried out by our qualified specialists.

We are the official distributor and service center of TICA Corporation, the main plant of which is located in China, Nanjing.
We sell the equipment for the ventilation and air-conditioning systems TICA at the manufacturer's prices. We bear all warranty obligations for the quality of the goods and provide service.

Delivery can be carried out in several ways and the price of the contract depends on them.


Delivery types:  
1a. The contract is concluded with our firm on non-cash payment (transfer). 1b. The contract is concluded directly with manufacturer's factory with non-cash payment in USD.
2a. Our company will perform customs clearance of equipment. 2b. You make the customs clearance of equipment by yourself.
3a. You produce the installation by yourself, but in this case we do not have any obligations. 3b. Installation of equipment is made by our company and carries all the warranty obligations and the quality of installation and equipment.


We are engaged not only in equipment supply but also in the design of engineering systems. So we can design a ventilation, air-conditioning or heating system to pick up all necessary equipment.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or leave your contacts through the feedback form and we will contact you.

Server Service company's advantages

  • Qualified designers who competently develop the design of ventilation and air conditioning systems, taking into account its design features and your preferences.
  • We cooperate with many equipment manufacturers and offer you equipment at the prices of manufacturer's factory.
  • We guarantee the quality of products and in case of equipment breakdown, we will not repair the customer's fault, and you will not have to contact the manufacturers in China.