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Dishwashers repair

When dishwasher breaks down, it becomes immediately crowded in kitchen. In some inexplicable way, dirty dishes begin to accumulate near the shell, appearing literally from nowhere. There is no need to solve this riddle, it is better to do the repair of defective household appliances as soon as possible.

Server Service Company offers professional repair of dishwashers at home and in the workshop.

We repair all modern models of dishwashers of the most world's producers.

The possibility of repairing old cars or exotic brands depends on the ability to find original or pick up analog parts.

The dishwasher is serviced at customer's home during the day.

Specialists of our company repair both separate and built-in dishwashers:

  • Replacement of drain and circulating pumps at home;
  • Replacement of THE and sensors in dishwashers;
  • Replacement of accessories, aquastops, drain and filler hoses in dishwashers;
  • Elimination of blockages and removal of foreign objects;
  • Repair of electronic components at home.

If you are interested in the operative repair of dishwashers - contact us right now. You will be guaranteed qualified diagnostics, professional repair and affordable consultation, which will help to avoid breakdowns in the future. Our phones: (+998 98) 128 04 02, (+998 71) 271-28-15.