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Flat wiring

Repair of electrical wiring has an increased danger. Self-repair not only violates all possible norms and rules of electrical safety, but also puts your life at risk. Even seemingly simple works on circuit breaker repair or sockets are dangerous. It must be remembered that even turning off the chandelier switch you did not completely de-energize it, but only broke one wire of the electrical wiring. To completely turn off the electricity, it is necessary to disconnect the machine in the electrical panel. But only professionals know all the intricacies of repairing electrical wiring.

As a rule, most electrical faults are connected with a short circuit, when electrical wires contact the source of consumption. As a result, the short-circuit current damages not only the wiring itself, but also connected electrical devices that do not have short-circuit protection.

Our masters can produce as complete, with the replacement of all wires in the apartment or building, as well as partial repair of the electrical wiring, replacing only necessary areas.

Our specialists will tell you which parts of the wiring needs replacement, and which ones can be left in existing form.

Server Service company performs repair, installation of electrical wiring in apartment in Tashkent and Tashkent region.