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Apartments heating

As a rule, apartments have central heating, and heat enters house through batteries. Unfortunately, such heating is not always enough to ensure a comfortable temperature in apartment.

If you want to replace heating radiators in Tashkent or Tashkent region, our specialists are always at your service. Experienced masters will not only replace your radiators, but also help with the choice of batteries for heating.

If it's not in the batteries and you need additional heating of the apartments, then our masters will be happy to help you.

Let's consider the basic options for heating apartments.

Apartments Air heating

If you want to organize a supply and exhaust ventilation system in the apartment, it is quite reasonable to install the air heaters and to heat the fresh air.

This will ensure a uniform temperature throughout the apartment and help create a favorable climate in your home, because modern plastic windows do not allow entering of fresh air.

Heating boiler in apartment

If you are not satisfied with central heating, you can install an independent heating apartment in Tashkent. The best option for its implementation is the installation of a gas boiler. A gas boiler can be installed in apartments only after obtaining permission, and it is very difficult to get it, therefore it is better to install an electric boiler in apartments. Electric boilers are smaller and tidier than gas boilers, but at stage of operation they are not so economical, due to higher electricity tariffs.

Heating the apartment by air-conditioner

You can heat the apartment with air conditioning in spring or autumn. In winter, when air temperature outside of window drops below 0*C, the power of air conditioner is already picking up to provide full heating. Air conditioners do not produce heat, they carry it from the street to the house, as lower temperature is on the street, the less heat the air conditioner can bring from there.

Warning: most air conditioners can not be used for heating, when the temperature in the street drops below -7°C - they just will not turn on.

Warm floor

In the apartments you can not install a water heated floor, but the electric or infra-red floor can provide your home with warmth and comfort.

The warm floor provides warm-up of the room, this is an ideal heating option if you have children, and especially if they like to play on the floor.

The most important thing for a person is to keep their feet warm, the "warm floor" system can provide you with this warmth.

You can buy all necessary equipment for an electric floor under our "Product Catalog" section.

No matter what heating of the apartment you need, the specialists of our company will advise you heating issues, will do the dismantling of old heating and install the new one in the shortest possible time and at the most attractive price.