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Industrial steam generators

Industrial steam generators provide low cost of received steam and high performance characteristics of small steam generator.

The most modern electric steam generators are capable for producing steam instantly after switching on, but older, classic designs take some time for steam.

The construction of modern industrial steam generators ensures their installation and commissioning in the shortest possible time, as well as reliable operation, ease of use and safe operation - which is the best option for the following tasks:

  • Tasks of equipping are in case of insufficient space in room, lack of free space above the equipment.
  • Industrial steam generators are dismountable and can be assembled without the use of welding equipment.
  • The advantage of diesel, gas and electric steam generators is their compact dimensions and the execution of complex on a single platform, large-scale steam generators require the erection of large structures, design and installation work on the installation of industrial steam generators is also possible.
  • Seasonal load variations - when load fluctuations exist, gas and diesel industrial steam generators can be efficiently operated and economically power the consumers. 
  • Qualitative electric steam generators react instantly and efficiently for load changes, producing steam less than 5 minutes after launch. At the same time, fuel is saved and maintenance costs for industrial steam generators are reduced.

Scope of steam generating equipment.

The entire line of industrial steam generators is used in many branches of industry and agriculture:

  • Enterprises of oil and gas and mining complexes:

- steam injection into oil reservoirs in order to intensify oil production;
- heating bitumen strata and bitumen production;
- provision of accelerated unloading railway tanks in winter;
- cleaning of internal surfaces of tanks from oil and chemical products;
- heating oil and fuel storage facilities;
- extraction of minerals;
- Heat treatment of mining development of coal mines in winter;
- Creation of mobile heat point using industrial steam generators for use in difficult climatic conditions.

  • Enterprises of chemical industry and medicine:

- sterilization treatment of equipment and devices;
- Creation of optimal microclimate parameters for vital activity of fungi and microorganisms;

  • Enterprises of construction industry: 

- steaming of reinforced concrete products in steam stores;
- heating of inert materials (crushed stone, sand) in winter;
- in road construction (in asphalt manufacture);

  • Enterprises of forest and woodworking industry: 

- drying of timber in drying stores;
- cellulose and paper industry;

  • Enterprises of agriculture: 
    − Thermal steam treatment of industrial steam generators; 
    − Destruction of agricultural pests;
  • Food industry enterprises: 
    − Meat processing and sausage shops; 
    − brewery; 
    − Processing and preparation of food products;

The use of electric steam generators is not limited to the listed areas. We can provide any services related to electric industrial steam generators. On your request, we carry out qualitative, warranty repair, maintenance, dental-dismantling of diesel, gas industrial steam generators of various capacities.

Unique features of diesel, gas and electric steam generators will help customers in solving many technological problems associated with generation and supply of steam and heat for the needs of the enterprise.

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