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Installation of hot water supply boilers


Hot water supply can be centralized and local. In the first case, water is produced in one center, from which it will be fed through pipes to all points of water draw-off, with local hot water supply - near consumption place.



Installation of hot water boilers must be carried out by specialists who will responsibly take care of all necessary requirements, including safety requirements. Water heater cuts into hot and cold water supply system according to corresponding scheme. The specialist will choose location for unit fixing, install stopcocks, connect flexible hoses to them, which come from water heater. If necessary, specialist will install a separate outlet. Installation of hot water boilers should also include filter equipment and a drain valve. Input filter protects pipes from contamination, thereby ensuring correct operation of the elements that are part of the water heater system. The drain valve plays the role of a fuse, which prevents excessive pressure in the unit. Correct installation of boilers for hot water supply also requires consideration of features for water operation distribution channels, which prevents excessive consumption of hot water.

Boilers installation for hot water supply will require mandatory unit grounding. In this case, manufacturer's recommendations, as a rule, stipulate a separate electrical wiring. Also, level of water pressure in water pipe is taken into account. It should not exceed six atmospheres. Installation of water reducers during installation is also mandatory for normal system operation. When all elements of the unit are connected, the inputs and outputs are treated with waterproofing means to prevent the leaks. If  unit is mounted closer to water used place, then heat loss will be less caused with  transporting water from tank to exit point.

Installation of hot water boilers requires their adoption to high temperatures pipes. The specificity of fastening elements is determined by position of water heater - for vertical unit, hooks are required, on which the water heater is fixed, while special mounting brackets are used for the wall mounting of apparatus.

Manufacturer always indicates manual wiring diagram of device. The scheme can not be universal - it takes into account features of water heater and the requirements for installation and further operation. A universal requirement is only the presence of a grounding lead from shield.

Installation services cost for heating systems

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