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Ремонт вентиляционных систем в Узбекистане

Repair of ventilation systems requires professional skills and extensive experience from specialist - especially in case of modern ventilation systems repair, which are becoming more complex and more intelligent. When you order repair of ventilation in Tashkent, the customer counts not only on the restoration of the ventilation operation but also on the long-term serviceability of the system in the future.

Server Service Company offers a wide range of services in the field of ventilation systems: repair of any ventilation systems, ventilation service, supply and installation of ventilation equipment. Our specialists have all necessary knowledge for solving the most complex problems and troubleshooting any complexity in ventilation systems.

Today, more and more popular systems are automated ventilation systems and sophisticated ventilation equipment. This allows you to accurately set the parameters for the air, but such equipment requires professional configuration, service and repair.

We carry out ventilation repairs in Tashkent and Tashkent region - Server Service Company guarantees all repair and installation works performed by our specialists.

Our company has a lot of advantages

  • Affordable cost of services - since we do not inflate prices, in addition, ventilation equipment purchased in our company, we repair with discount.
  • We carry out a full range of services - design ventilation systems for residential and industrial buildings, perform any necessary ventilation equipment, install ventilation systems, service and eliminate any malfunctions.
  • Our company has been engaged in ventilation systems for more than 10 years, we have a huge number of grateful customers who regularly turn to us ..We carry out repair work of any level of complexity from minor repair and replacement of components to the complete reconstruction of ventilation systems.

If you need high-quality ventilation that will work for a long time and work, our specialists are at your service. For all questions, please, call to company's office by phone numbers indicated on the site.