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Office wiring

The office is an integral part of any company and company's face, and therefore it should not only comfortably work for the staff, but also there must be a certain interior that emphasizes the style of the company and appeals to the visitors. In order to ensure that each employee of the company is comfortable to perform their duties, it is necessary to properly equip the workspace. As a rule, the basis of any place where the work process is carried out is electrical installation, because all modern equipment works from the electric current. Often, the lighting  of the office space is carried out with the help of a wide variety of luminaires installed in the suspended ceiling system. 

The power of one luminaire can be the most diverse and fluctuates within 40-160 W. There are used conductors cables like VVU type, or VVG and WVC to provide power  with 1.5-2.5 mm². For effective connection of office equipment, computers, as well as other power equipment to the outlets, a special cable of  AVVU or VVU type is connected. In addition, it will not be superfluous if in the office an additional so-called signal tape is additionally carried out - it will save from the troubles connected with the possibility of occurrence of wiring fires.

If to tell about cable cross section, then this parameter is chosen proceeding directly from  power calculation power consumed by electrical appliances. Often, in practice, for normal operation of all equipment, it is best to choose 2.5 mm² wires for sockets, and 4-6 mm² for  connection to junction boxes. In the event that installation of any distribution power equipment (transformers, etc.) in office premises, it is best to use special cables of appropriate section, and designed for really high voltage.

Correct selection of cables is necessary to ensure continuous equipment operation and its normal functionality. Only if the selection of wiring elements has been made according to established requirements, and the installation process is carried out correctly and at a high quality level, then it is possible to guarantee the safety and comfort of working room. In addition, the presence of correctly executed wiring eliminates the need for regular replacement of its components and the occurrence of some additional costs.

Server Service Company performs repair, installation of wiring in office in Tashkent and Tashkent region.