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Servicing of wall heating boilers

Wall mounted gas boilers are placed on a wall or a special frame, they are compact in size. The power of this type of boilers does not exceed 100 kW.

Wall gas boiler is advisable to use when creating individual heating systems in country houses and cottages (capacity depends on manufacturer and boiler brand  can be from 12 to 42 kW, and therefore the range of rooms can be heated and provided with hot water is from 50 to 400 m2), in case of apartment heating in multi-storey city houses.


We offer a full range of boiler equipment servicing:


Specialists of company "Server Service" company can organize high-quality service of your boiler equipment. Any boilers need periodic inspection according to rules of their technical operation.

We recommend servicing at least once a year, before start of heating season. In order to prevent an unexpected boiler failure during heating season.



If you need to order maintenance of boiler equipment, you just need to call us by Tashkent numbers: (+998 98) 128 04 02, (+998 90) 167 95 49, (+998 90) 357 82 00, (+998 93) 381 84 08


Inquiries are accepted from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.