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Washing machines

Installation and repair of washing machines is a job for specialists

Ремонт стиральных машин в ТашкентеThe washing machine is one of the greatest inventions of the last century. This is not surprising, because it is the washing machine, our faithful assistant, that allows us to look always impeccably clean.

Washing machines are semi-automatic and automatic. Automatic washing machines allow us not only to effectively wash clothes, but also save our valuable time, which, as is always known, is not enough! When choosing the right washing machine you should previously consult a specialist.

Repair, installation and after-sales service of washing machine

Experienced specialist, having discussed with you all your wishes, will advise the model that suits you. But after all the washing machine needs also to be correctly established - you need to tell. Our company offers the services of the best specialists. We will help and carry out quality installation, and if necessary, we will quickly repair and replace spare parts. Also we offer you preventive maintenance services for the presence of wear of small parts and small breakages of your washing machine, this will help to save the washing machine from serious failures.

Do not forget that the process of installing a washing machine in the future will largely determine the longevity of its work. Qualitatively conducted installation by hands of our masters, as well as further maintenance - preventive maintenance or repair will prolong the life of your "washer".

It is known that washing clothes manually takes away not only a large number of forces, but also time. Thanks to the presence of a washing machine in the house, washing takes a minimum of our time, so when the washing machine suddenly breaks it brings a lot of inconvenience and a bad mood.

How can I extend "washer" life?

To extend the life of your washing machine, it is enough to observe only a few simple rules:

  1. Before putting clothes in the drum of washing machine, clean and unscrew all pockets, check them for extraneous, forgotten objects
  2. Periodically it is necessary to clean the drain filter
  3. Load the washing machine without exceeding the permissible weight of the laundry
  4. Use water softeners
  5. Use chemical agents against scale
  6. Pour required amount of powder into tray
  7. Don't let children come to the washer closely
  8. Once a half a year, call a specialist to carry out the diagnosis

However, if washing machine has broken down, or periodically fails, please contact our Server-Service repair center.

Specialists of our repair center will repair your washing machine right at your home, at a convenient for you time. We guarantee the quality of all our works and therefore we give all our customers a warranty card.

Our company offers a wide range of services, from installation to elimination of the most complex breakages of washing machines. If necessary, we also replace worn parts.

Frequent faults in washing machine:

  • Washing machine doesn't turn on;
  • Do not turn on water heating or drying mode;
  • Electrovalve does not turn on;
  • Selector's indications do not match the selected program;
  • The drain pump does not turn on;
  • Drive motor does not rotate;
  • Spin function does not work;
  • Dry mode does not work;
  • Loud noise during spinning;
  • Leakage, etc.

If you find one of the above items in your washing machine, please, contact our specialists. We take even the most seemingly hopeless breakdowns and give the washing machine a second life.

If you need a quick repair of a washing machine in Tashkent? It's simple - call us.