There are about 300 sun days in Uzbekistan. In some regions of our Republic there are problems with the supply of gas and electric energy that complicates their use as source of heat. Sun shines every day, that’s why the use of solar energy is a promising direction.

Of course, cost of such heating is higher in comparison with gas and electric boilers, however, it will be paid off in a few years.

There are two ways of the use of solar energy:

  • conversion of solar energy into electrical energy.
  • the use of solar energy for water heating and for operation of heating system.

In first case, more than 70% of solar energy is lost during conversion process. In second case the loss of solar energy is less than 30%, that’s why this method is used for heating and hot water supply.

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What is collector?

Solar collector is the device which provides heating of heat carrier by means of sun rays. There are two types of collectors: flat-plate and tubular. The first one can absorb up to 80% of solar energy. The top layer is made of glass (hardened or mineral). The second one is efficient and multifunctional but at the same time requires increased attention in the process of use.

Advantages of solar heating system

  • Low expenses for heating;
  • Independence from municipal services;
  • Independence from higher tariffs for gas and electricity;
  • Environmentally friendliness and safety for humans and environment;
  • The ability to use collectors both for heating and hot water supply.
  • Great number of sun days in Uzbekistan.


  • Need of use of auxiliary water heater (electrical, gas or diesel) for water heating in autumn and winter.
  • Great expenses for equipment and system installation.

Nuances of installation and operation

If you want to install such system, take into account the following:

  • Collectors must be directed to the south;
  • In order to increase the efficiency of solar energy, it is necessary to increase angle of slope;
  • Before installation of the battery, it is necessary to carry out house insulation.

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