Steam boilers are also often called as steam generators and used in different branches of production. One of them is milk industry.

Парогенератор для молочного заводаSteam generators for milk indusry are necessary at the enterprises for the production of cheese, curd cheese and other milk products. They prevent growth of pathogenic germs due to too high temperatures and high vapor pressure.

The popularity of this equipment is grown due to increase in demand for milk products. Steam generators for milk industry are popular as before.

Steam generators for milk products: advantages

  • compact size and high efficiency;
  • good heat transfer;
  • automation system;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • ease of use.

Парогенератор для сыроварни в УзбекистанеServer Service Company is engaged in the installation and repair of steam generators for milk industry.

We also provide services for technical maintenance on a contract basis.

If you need to replace broken details, we are always ready to deliver any parts at affordable price.

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