Absorption chillers delivery




Heat source

Heat source temperature

Absorption refrigerating unit of  steam heat H2 350~11630 kW Steam  0,01 – 0,015 mPa

Absorption refrigerating unit of direct heat H3

350~11630 kW Flame from fuel combustion ~

Absorption refrigerating unit  of hot water heating

от 350 до 9890 kW Water 90-130°C
Absorption refrigerating unit of exhaust gases heating
 350~11630 kW Gas 250°C

Absorption heat pump

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Absorption chillers operate not like usual steam compression chillers. They cool by means of heat.

These devices use the heat in order to get the cold. Thay are widely used at the factories and other production enterprises where a large quantity of heat is generated. This heat is used for cooling and conditioning systems.

It is very difficult to find and buy the absorption chiller in Tashkent, as it very expensive equipment.

Server Service Company offers the delivery of absorption chillers from China. We will select for you the equipemnt of any capacity and model. Customs clearance can be carried out by yourself or you can use the services of our company.

Absorption chillers can be used with conditioning systems and solar generators. In summer the heat of solar generators can be used for cooling and in winter it can be used for heating.

Our company is engaged in the design, repair, preventive maintenance and installation of conditioning systems based on absorption chillers.

Despite high price of absorption chillers, their use in the enterprises is completely paid off.

Server Service provides the absorption chillers delivery from China, just call us!