Supply of ventilation equipment

Our company supplies industrial ventilation equipment for order.

Supply of DOSPEL air handling units (with recuperation)

OPTIMAL air handling unit provides air exchange in public buildings and living quarters. The main task is to supply fresh air from outside and extract air from the premises with simultaneous heat recovery.


Supply of VTS ventilation equipment

Established in Europe 23 years ago, VTS Group is a leading supplier of ventilation, air conditioning and heating devices. The company constantly develops and introduces new technologies, manufacturing and supplying equipment to the Customers, allowing to solve the most difficult tasks.


Ventilation equipment Belimo

Since the day of its foundation, BELIMO has been successfully focusing its activity on the management of water and air flows in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Practically all technical innovations that appear in this field originate in BELIMO walls.


Supply of VBW ventilation equipment

The main goal of VBW Engineering and its Polish and foreign partners is a PRODUCT made exactly according to the expectations and specific requirements of the customer. Installations can be placed in any room.