Ventilation is an essential component of any building. It performs several fucntions and one of the most important is the prevention of spreading od disease.

Due to excisting situation in our world, the prevention of spreading od pathogenic microorganisms is urgent problem. The installation of high quality ventilaion system is the first step to its solution.

Lack of high efficient ventilation system leads to formation of dust, pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful chemical substances.

This also leads to air blanketing. It becomes stuffy in the room, mold appears on the walls and ceiling. Regarding human health, they begin to feel apathy, weakness, acute exacerbation of a chronic disease and other unpleasant feelings.

In order to avoid such problems, during the construction of building, it is necessary to design and install high quality ventilation system which will perfectly perform their functions.

Design and installation of ventilation system

There are several types of ventilation systems – natural and artificial, input, exhaust or supply-exhaust ventilation, ducted and ductless, with recuperation or filtration.

Our company will always help you to design and install high quality ventilation system. We work with projects of any purpose – administartive buildings, medical institutions, offices, banks, trade centers and so on.

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