Alternative sources of energy become more popular every day. So, one of these popular types is solar heating system operating with the help of collectors.

Vacuum collectors consist of pipes filled with rarified gas. These pipes are connected with joint units. They are classified by several signs.

So, they are coaxial and feather, direct flow and “Heat pipe” type.

Features of the equipment

Vacuum collectors consist of the following elements: clear tube, from which the air is pumped out, nozzle and collecting valves. The construction looks like thermos with a high level of thermal insulation. Due to it, the battery is perfectly heated and give up received energy.

The function of absorbing component performs the copper pipe containing ether. It is evaporated during the heating, generating the heat. Then it is condensed in the low part of the pipe. This cycle is repeated, providing constant heat transfer.

Advantages of tubular pipes

Vacuum collectors of tubular pipe has a lot of advantages:

  • Lack of heat loss during the operation;
  • Max. level of solar energy consumption;
  • Resistance to atmospheric precipitation;
  • Reliability and durability.

They of course have disadvantages: lack of self-cleaning system and high price of batteries.

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