Типы тепловых насосов

Heat pumps are intended for energy transfer from low-potential source to high-potential one.

This equipment is actively used in sanatoriums, hotels, private houses and restaurants.

Advantages of heat pumps are operation economy, ease of use, noiseless operation, possibility of switching from “heating” to “conditioning” mode.


According to operational concept, pumps are divided into steam compression and absorption.

Compression pumps are ease of use but at the same time very efficient, accordingly they are more popular.

Absorption pumps is an equipment of a new generation. The absorbent which is used in this case, increases the efficiency of the device several times.

According to heat of source, heat pumps can be of the following types: geothermal, air and the ones in which waste heat is used.

According to heat carrier, there are several types of heat pumps:

  • air-air;
  • air-water;
  • water-air;
  • water-water;
  • ice-water;
  • ground-water.

One of the main advantages of heat pumps is the ability to operate in automation mode and environmentally friendliness.

Installation of heat pumps in Tashkent

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