Server Service Company performs its services for the design and installation of ventilation system in Uzbekistan. We provide our services in all cities of Uzbekistan (Samarkand, Bukhara Andijan, Djizzak etc.). If you want to equip your production shop with ventilation equipment, specialists of Server Service Company are always at your service!

Our services:

We are ready to offer you any services for ventilation system:

  • design;
  • installation;
  • components replacement and repair;
  • maintenance;
  • starting-up and adjustment of the system.
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Project department of our company will not only develop the project of ventilation system but also help to select a proper equipment. In addition, our company also provides the delivery and installation of the ventilation equipment.

Advantages of our company

Today there are many companies, specialized in the service of semi-industrial and industrial systems. However, our company has clout in our time of high competition:

  • our specialists have a core education and great experience in the field of ventilation and conditioning systems;
  • We successfully carried out a large quantity of projects of any complexity;
  • Responsible approach to work
  • We guarantee a quality for all implemented services;
  • Competitive price.

Our prices are the best in the region. When ordering several services (design and installation, design and equipment delivery, installation and maintenance), you will get a discount.

Ventilation calculation

When designing, we carry out all necessary calculations, aimed at increasing of high efficiency and noise reduction during operation.

Repair of ventilation equipment

If a fault is detected, call our specialists. Our specialists will easily restore serviceability of ventilation system.

Ventilation maintenance

Conclude a contract for ventilation maintenance with our company and you will avoid a premature failure of your equipment.

Ventilation design

Our specialists have a great experience in the field of the design of ventilation systems of any level of complexity.

Room ventilation

Server Service Company provides its services for the equipping with ventilation systems of pools,restaurants, medical institutions and other objects.

Installation of ventilation

We will not only develop a project of ventilation system but also professionaly bring it to life!

Ventilation is a necessary condition for creation of comfortable microclimate in any room. Installation of ventilation units on production shops is a guarantee of a high efficiency of process capacity.