Ventilation systems has heatung units  – calorifiers and channel heaters. These heating units are heated by electric heating tubes or pipes with heat carrier – steam or hot water.

Channel heaters heat air mass in air ducts. In large ventilation systems they are used as air heaters. In small ones they are usd as main air heater.

Heating devices are placed in the duct, even the air is supplied from up to down.

Round electric heaters PBEC (POLAR BEAR)

Channel heaters PBEC are ideal for air ducts with round section. Housing and junction box are made of galvanized steel. Heating parts are made of stainless steel.

When installaing the channel heater, it is necessary to take into account the way of air flow: the arrow must be directed there where the arrow indicates. Air masses must be equally distributed throughout the heater section.

Три диаметра нагревателя – такой промежуток рекомендован между нагревателем и ближайшим каналом (либо заслонками или др.). Установка канального нагревателя допустима и в горизонтальном, и в вертикальном канале. The distance between heater and nearest channel must be 3 dm. Channel air heater can be installed both gorizontal and vertical channel.


Rectangular electric heaters PBER (POLAR BEAR)

Main recommendation is the use of thyristor regulators – Pulser или TTC heatin capacity control. Channel heaters have 2 stages of protection against overheating.  On the first stage, thermostat is restared automatically and stopped functioning at a temperature 55С. The second step requires switching the thermostat manually, it is turned off at 120С. Heaters of the equipment with typical size 600х350 and with a heating capacity of 27 kW, usually have 2 protecion thermostats which restarted automatically.

The lowest speed of channel heaters is 1.5 m/s. The maximum temperature is 40С.

Channel heaters PBER heat the air in rectangular air ducts.

Housing and junction box are also made of galvanized steel. The other details are made of stainless steel.

When installaing channel heaters PBER, it is necessary to take into account that the air must be directed according to the direction of the arrow. It is also important to remember about equal air distribution throughout the cross section of the heater.


Water heaters PBAS (POLAR BEAR)

These heaters also require thyristor regulators TTC. If the heater is more powerful than the main regulator, it is necessary to use a step regulator.

Channel heaters PBAS are used for air heating in rectangular air ducts. The carcas of such heaters is also made of galvanized steel. The battery is made of copper pipes with aluminum finning. Fij spacing is 2,5 mm.

Water heater also has dip sensor of the system that protects against the freezing. There is also a nipple (D=1/4″) on the collector. The most high temperature/pressure is at 150С/1,0 mPa or 100C and 1.6 mPa. Eac caloriefer is tested with the help of pressure test under the pressure 2.1 mPa.

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