Channel exhaust units SKW are designed for exhaust ventilation of production shops, warehouses and other premises. They have four typical sizes. Each of them has different indicators of air consumption from 250 to 5000 m3/h.

Device features

Cover plates are made of zink. Mineral wool of a thickness 30 mm performs the insulation fucntion. The lower cover plate in the equipment of SKW series is removable. It significantly simplifies the maintenance service.

Operational concept

SKW device is equipped with multiple valve which has elastic nipple. There is also a filter thanks to which the device performs the ventilation functions. It also protects the device against the abrasive agents. There is also a ventilation unit inside the device, operated on belt drive.

Elastic nipple is used for the connection of vemtilation channel. hey are also equipped with throttle valve. This element allows to control air consumption.

Ventilation unit of exhaust type SKW 2