Server Service company provides services for design of ventilation systems of any complexity. This system is designed for timely removal of exhaust air and supply of fresh air, as well as removal of unpleasant odor, dust particles and bacteria.

Design of ventilation system is a complex process, that’s why it must be implemented by experienced specialists.

Design of ventilation system

Design of ventilation system is one of the main stages for creation of comfortable microclimate in residential, administartive and production buildings. If you want to provide your house or office with comfortable atmosphere, the first what you need is the help of qualified specialists

Design of ventilation and conditioning systems will help you:

  • visually imagine system conception;
  • to determine location of ventilation grids, air ducts and other components of ventilation unit;
  • to take into account all nuances and customer’s requirements;
  • to minimize probability of faults during operation;
  • to prevent faults that may appear during installation.

Ventilation for house

In order to provide your house or summer cottage with high quality air exchange, compact supply and exhaust ventilation units are usually installed. They are designed for removal of exhaust air and supply of fresh air. Ventilation can be both monoblock and type-setting.

Monoblock ventilation system is a housing with noise-absorbing coating, which consists of such components as filter, calorifer, electric motor etc. One of the advantages of such system is that it can be installed on the wall, floor or false ceiling.

Type-setting ventilation system consists of autonomous units, which can be replaced if necessary.

Design and installation of ventilation systems: features

When designing ventilating and conditioning systems, it is necessary to take into account that such equipment requires free space. It is also worth noting that the project must be drawn up before development of interior design.

When designing, it is also necessary to carry out the following calculations:

  • aerodynamic. Designed for power determination of ventilation unit and minimization of noise level during operation.
  • acoustic. Designed for reduction of noise level.
  • air distribution. Such calculations are necessary for more high quality installation.
  • air exchange. Calculation of exhaust and supply air volume is necessary so that to provide efficient air exchange.

All this means that the design of ventilation system must be implemented by qualified specialists.

Competent design of ventilation system

In the course of our activity, we have implemented many projects. Server Service Company has brought to life many projects. So, we designed ventilation systems for:

  • cottages and educational institutions;
  • medical institutions and trade centers;
  • business centers, sport and exhibition halls;
  • swimming pools and livestock farm.

Design of ventilation of different types

Rest assured that specialists of Server Service Company are experts at their job. We are specialized in the design of mechanical, input, supply-exhaust, local and central ventilation systems.

We provide a long-term guarantee for all implemented services.

In order to get a competent design of ventilation system, you should provide following documents: project drawings, technical specifications and technological project.

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