VENTUS is a new range of ventilation and air conditioning units from VTS Corporation. New equipment is the result of intensive work of a large group of company specialists, careful and attentive research of market needs.

The use of new technological processes and machines, the most advanced materials and elements, advanced engineering and design solutions allowed to create a series of equipment that to a great extent meets the needs of the ventilation and conditioning equipment market.

“Server Service” company supplies equipment from VTS group, as well as installs, repairs and maintains VENTUS units.

Wide range of capacity

  • There are 16 standard sizes today
  • Selection of units for any building and structure

Frameless construction

  • Work in any climatic zone (from -40 to +70°C)
  • Absence of thermal bridges
  • A long period of operation – panels with polyurethane foam

Reduced aggregate dimensions

  • Low in height – minimum height of 36 cm!
  • Installation in technical niches, on ducts
  • High structural reliability

Wide range of air handling functions