Heating boilers Navien Ace Turbo is a high-quality gas wall boilers with closed combustion camera, adapted to work with sudden changes in electricity and low gas and water pressure.

Heating boilers Navien Ace Turbo have two circuits, one of which performs the function of heating, and another supply of hot water. In heating boilers of this brand, hot water supply is a priority, and only then heating.

Navien Ace Turbo have a long life and low gas consumption. These boilers can work both on natural and liquefied gas.

Frost protection system.

When temperature in the room decreases, the frost protection system automatically works in the boiler. If the temperature of the heating water drops below 10°C, the circulation pump starts automatically in order to ensure a constant circulation of the heating medium. And if the temperature of the heating water falls below 6°C, the burner switches on and warms the heating medium to 21°C.

Modulated turbocharging system.

The turbocharger installed in NAVIEN Ace TURBO boilers under the combustion camera changes the speed of rotation according to the signal from the air pressure sensor APS (Air Pressure System). Thus, air supply in an amount is proportional to the amount of incoming gas is provided to the combustion camera of the boiler. It is such a system of operation of NAVIEN Ace TURBO boiler that has allowed to ensure complete combustion of gas and to minimize the heat loss associated with smoke removal during boiler operation.

As a result, the productivity of boilers has increased without increasing the amount of consumed gas.

Heat exchanger, made of stainless steel.

The heat exchanger is made of stainless steel and has a corrosion resistance in 5-6 times higher than copper one. This greatly increases the service life.

Heat exchangers made of stainless steel are not widely used in the production of boilers, since it has less thermal conductivity than copper heat exchangers. The efficient use of stainless steel heat exchanger in NAVIEN Ace TURBO boilers is made possible by the use of modulating turbo system to increase the efficiency of the boiler.

Safe operation of boiler with fluctuations in voltage electric power.

SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply) chip installed on the microprocessor, it protects the boiler from sudden voltage fluctuations in electric power within ± 30% of 230V. The boiler functions without failures, due to which the service life of the boiler is prolonged and the breakdowns related to unstable voltage.

Possibility to use heating and hot water at low gas inlet pressure in gas pipeline system.

The boiler stays stable even at low gas pressures up to 0.1 bar.