Water pump is the equipment for providing with water of private houses, residential areas and industrial premises. The classification of devices for water transfer is wide. However, all the pumps have similar operating concept.

When starting up the motor, there is a vacuum in the housing. The water is transferred to the section, then to outlet fitting and to the pipeline. A great importance in this operation plays water pump power and its ability to the hydraulic resistance.

Types of water pumps

Depending on purposes, the water pumps are divided into drain and downhole. According to the principle of operation, they can be downhole, self-priming and manual. There are also several types of water pumping: injector, submersible and external.

Water pumps are used for water supply of houses and production facilities, irrigation, firefighting, drainage of waterlogged lands.

Advantages of the equipment

Water pumps (regardless of modification features and complete set) have a lot of advantages. So, they are:

  • Reliable;
  • Ease of use;
  • Simply installed;
  • Able to pump water from deep depth;
  • High efficient;
  • Almost noiseless;
  • Safety.

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