Creation of comfortable microclimate is currently paid a special emphasis. High quality ventilating system and the ability to set comfortable temperature parameters are very important for the buildings of different purposes – schools, hospitals, banks, sport complexes, administrative buildings, manufacturing enterprises.

All our professionals are well-versed with conditioning, ventilating and heating of private and industrial objects. We install climatic systems in:

  • airports;
  • medical clinics;
  • trade and business centers;
  • restaurants;
  • furniture shops;
  • hotels;
  • swimming pools.

Gathered experience and successfully put into commission objects allows us to guarantee a high quality of our services. We cooperate with audited suppliers and reliable consumable materials. Our regular customers are:

  • TICA;
  • TAF;
  • Tashkent pipe plant named after Galperin;
  • Jihoz-Ventilyatsiya and others.

Specialists of our company are experts at their job with high education and great experience. They are scrupulous about their work and guarantee a long service life and trouble-free operation of heating, conditioning and ventilating systems.

We install chillers and fancoils (cassette, channel, floor and ceiling), supply and exhaust ventilating system, industrial boiler equipment.

The equipment installation is carried out in accordance with approved plan. If necessary, our specialists will give all necessary information about rules of operation, thus, avoiding premature failure.

You can also see all our works in the section “Gallery“.