Server Service provides a wide choice of climate control equipment. You can buy from us all necessary for installation of industrial conditioning, ventilating, heating and cold supply systems.

Represented products in our catalog are characterized by high quality assemblage, high efficiency and long service life.

Order air conditioners, supply and exhaust ventilation units, low-temperature containers and other specialized euqipment and you will get guarantee and for trouble-free and efficient operation for a long time.

You can buy from us:

  • chillers of water and air cooling SHIVAKI and TICA;
  • floor, channel and cassette fan coil units of the same manufacturers;
  • round and rectangular galvanized air ducts;
  • smoke removal air ducts made of black metal;
  • ventilation recuperators of two types (supply and exhaust recuperators of ceiling type or models with two rows coil).

We also sell VRV systems, roof air conditioners, commercial refrigerators, air heating units. Wide choice of products is represented in our catalog.

Our outstanding feature and advantage – best prices throughout region and high quality.

Call us and we will send you commercial offer for the supply of chillersm fan coil units, ventilation recuperators ad galvanized air ducts.

We provide such services as sale of equipment and air ducts, as well as design and preventive maintenance and repairs. 

If you need design of ventilation system, installation of chillers and fan coil units, repair of industrial boilers, call us just now!