We have put in commission another object – Woman’s committe of Uzbekistan! It was very difficult but at the same time very interesting work with the most authoritative organization of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Woman’s committe of Uzbekistan was founded in 1991. This organization is engaged in such important questions as professional and social protection of women, reproductive helth, participation of women in business activities and other fields of public and political life.

Extensive work was made by specialists of Server Service Company:

  • start-up and commissioning of non-automatic air conditioner;
  • Installation of Shivaki chillers and internal units of floor type;
  • Laying of pipelines for heating and water supply, made of steel electric-welded pipes;
  • Laying of pipelines for water supply, made of pressure polyethylen pipes;
  • Insulation of pipelines with materials “Armoflex”, “Thermoflex” and “ISOCOM”;
  • Installation of centrifugal and circulated pumps PEDROLLO with automatic system;
  • Installation of valves, return valves, coupling cocks and flange connections;
  • Installation of filters, paronite gaskets, disc damper.

The final stage was the installation of control cabinet and regulation of louvered grilles. Hydrauling testing of installed systems was carried out successfully.

Server Service Company is engaged in the installation, repair and maintenance service of industrial conditioning, ventilation and heating systems. We also provide the design and delivery of specialized equipment from China.