Server Service Company continues repair and installation works in the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan. General repair in this government institution is in full swing. Professional team of our company has already completed a large range of work in the field of ventilation, heating and conditioning systems.

  • Laying of water supply pipeline from pressure polyethylene pipes
  • Strapping of heating and gas supply boilers
  • Strapping of chillers and air handling units
  • Installation of indoor units of air conditioner (floor type)
  • Installation of circulation and centrifugal pumps
  • Manufacturing of internal piping assembly
  • Installation of fans, gate valves, flaps and valves
  • Pipelines insulation from rubber and polyethylene
  • Hydraulic test of pipelines

High qualified specialists work in accordance with approved plans and generally accepted construction rules. At this moment we work on:

  • Installation of gas cleaning filter from mechanical pollution
  • Installation of gas pressure regulator
  • Laying of air ducts from galvanized steel
  • Installation of expansion tanks, sound damper, axial fans, louvered grilles for ventilation systems.

Server Service Company specializes in conditioning, ventilation and heating systems. Our specialists carry out professional installation of chillers and fan coil units in Uzbekistan, as well as repair and maintenance service of boiler and refrigeration equipment.