“Server Service” Company has finished the design and installation of conditioning and ventilation systems in private school “Wunderkind”. Now it is so pleasant to learn in spacious schoolrooms, equipped with modern equipment.

WUNDERKIND is a popular private school with enhanced studying of English language and informative technologies. Our company with great enthusiasm has begun work to create the comfortable atmosphere in this building, because large and bright schoolrooms are designed for hopeful young generation.

Experienced specialists and installers of our company have already carried out large amount of work, such as:

  • Project design of conditioning and ventilation systems in accordance with features of the object and customer’s requirements;
  • Laying of pipe systems of heating and water supply in accordance with approved plan;
  • Selection and installation of required climatic equipment and isolation valve;
  • Insulation of pipe systems with modern materials based on foamed polyethylene;
  • Run, test and putting of the system into operation exactly on time.

Do you need the project of heating or ventilation systems? Our company is always at your services!

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