okeanosVentilation of swimming pools requires a particular attention, as there is too high humidity in these premises.

OKEANOS units from “VBW Engineering”are designed for the drying and ventilation of indoor swimming pools. Size of the ventilation unit depends on the size of swimming pool. “VBW Engineering” Company offers 8 typical sizes with the capacity from 1000 m3/час to 35000 m3/h.

Operational concept

Automation sytem guarantees the maintenance of the set temperature according to the humidity of the exhaust air. Temperature change directly depends on the humidity in the premise. If the humidity is reduced , the throttle valve of recirculation opens.

Standard ventilation equipment of OKEANOS type:

  • switch
  • syphon for the exaust of condensate from heat exchanger
  • nipples for channels connection
  • automatic control
  • supporting frame


Air conditioner is mounted on the base. Mounting method depends on the typical size. There are three methods of installation: on  the base, on the frame and on the support. The instllation must be carried out on a level surface, otherwise it will lead to the quick deterioration and incorrect operation of the equipment. When installing, it is necessary to leave an additional place for the equipment maintennace in case of emergency.

You can order the ventilation OKEANOS in Server Service Company. Besides competitive price, we provide a high quality maintenance.

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Air handling unit for air conditioners of OKEANOS3 type

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