bd 2010“VBW Engineering” Company specializes in the production of climatic units of different purposes. However, outdoor units are more popular among consumers.

BD units are for “VBW Engineering” are produced in 21 typical size. They have a high range of air capacity (from 1 000 to 106 000 m3/h). The euipment configuration can be changed depending on the customer’s requirements.


Ventilation units of BD type are installed on the roof. The unit is equipped with the protection system against the climatic conditions. There are three ways of channels and pipelines installation:

  • on the floor or roof of the building
  • by means of nipples

The installation works depend on the type of the builing. If the building is large, the most optimal way is the system that serves several rooms simultaneously.

Equipment design

The housing assembly is made of rigid carcas structure with built-in pannels and doors. The door and pannels consist of double-side galvanized stainless steel. Top and bottom sides are covered with polymer materials (polyester and epoxide). Mineral wool with the thickness of 55 mm is used as  heat and acoustic insulation.

Functions of ventilation units depend on the type of chosen model:

  • filtration;
  • exhaust;
  • recircultaion;
  • heating;
  • supply of outdoor air;
  • discharge of air.

Server Service Company provides the installation of ventilation units “VBW Engineering” of BD type.

To order the ventilation unit, please contact the specialists from Server Service Company. Go to the section Contacts.



Air handling units for air conditioning systems of BD1 type

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Air handling units for air conditioning systems of BD2 type

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Air handling units for air conditioning systems of BD3 type


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Air handling units for air conditioning systems of BD4 type

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