It is known that exhaust gases are harmful for health. That’s why it is so necessary to install a ventilation system in the park station.

Equipment from VBW Engineering of BDG series is designed for the premises service with a high concentration of carbon dioxide and toxic chemical combinations.

Air handling units from the Polish manufacturer are produced in 6 modifications. Depending on the model, the equipment capacity is from 1000 to 36000 m3/h.

Operational concept

Equipment of BDG series has two the same fans. If there is low gas concentration in the air, one of these fans turns on. But if harmful agent in the air is increased, the second one is turned in automatically.

The unit body is equipped with special sensor that signalizes the start of the second fan.

There are three types of garage ventilation units:

  • roof (the installation is carried out on the frame)
  • hung (the installation is carried out on legs)
  • standard (the installation is carried out on legs)

Server Service Company is engaged in the delivery of garage air conditioners of BDG type from China. If you have troubles with the equipment selection, just contact us. They will help to select a proper equipment.

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             Air handling units for conditioning systems of BDG type

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