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Air heater for ventilation system of SWO type

Air heaters SWO and SW are designed for heating and ventilation of premises of different purpose, such as production shops, warehouses, shopping premises and much more.

According to typical sizes there are 4 types with a capacity of 1700 – 7300 m3/h. The capacity of SW model is 2200 – 7300 m3/h. Each unit is equipped with water heater and axial fan.

Operationla concept

Heating and ventilation units of SWO type also provides heating of circulated air masses. A four-sided fan separates the air. This function is useful for the premises with low ceiling. The creation of additional air flows favouraby affects the comfort in the room.

Equipment properties

Air heaters are the constructions that are made of painted steel sheet. The body is not insulated. Air heater is able to withstand the water temperature within 70-90° С and operate at the pressure 1,6 mPa. Max. temperature is 150° С.

Air heater for ventilation system of SWO type

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Air heater for ventilation system of SWO 5 KWO

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